Porsche Aims at Tesla Again with an Electric SUV, Tayca

04 Dec 2018 01:51

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<p>He told <i>Autocar</i> that an additional all-electric model, aside from next year’s Taycan, will launch by 2022 - a “big SUV” which could be an EV version of the Cayenne or maybe a Porsche version of the recently revealed Audi e-Tron SUV; it could also be an all-new model designed and engineered by and for Porsche.</p>
<p>Porsche will also expand the class=&quot;_in Taycan lineup after its 2019 launch, with a high-riding, plastic-clad crossover-style model (think class=&quot;_in Mission E Cross Turismo concept), as well as a Targa version which, according to the source, will “feature a large glazed opening that slides down to the rear hatch area.” It is expected to debut in 2020 or 2021.</p>
<p>Regarding the creation of an all-electric sports car, believe it or not, Porsche actually built a fully working all-electric version of the class=&quot;_in Boxster some seven years ago. It was a fully functional one-off but only came with the 121 horsepower motor out of a then-new VW Golf Blue-e Motion.</p>
<p>It seems Porsche is reluctant to do an actual electric sports car because of battery weight which would negatively affect performance.</p>

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