BMW M5 long-term review

06 Feb 2019 04:15

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<p>There are lots of other things to get used to and get your head around, too, in part thanks to a raft of options that include&nbsp;one of my other favourite steering wheel buttons: a heated wheel rim. I do like a heated steering wheel. And, the other day, somebody left a pea under 20 mattresses and 20 feather-beds and I could still feel it at night!</p>
<p>Anyway, that’s part of the Comfort pack, which our road test reckoned was a good idea to spec, unlike the Premium pack. I agree;&nbsp;the M5 has a carbonfibre roof to reduce weight and make it lower, so I’d steer clear of too many options —&nbsp;such as the Premium pack’s soft-close doors —&nbsp;that add the kilos back on again.</p>
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<p>Carbon-ceramic brakes also made the list, at &pound;7495, and an M Sports exhaust, at &pound;1100. The brake package is probably what provides a slightly oversensitive pedal at times —&nbsp;we’ll see if that improves with miles —&nbsp;and the ’zorst adds a welcome edge to the turbocharged motor, which otherwise resorts to relatively convincing speaker augmentation for some of its excitement.</p>
<p>Aural excitement, anyway. It relies on deploying 592bhp in great unhurried strides to deliver the visceral excitement. The engine is terrific. Less overtly V8ish than an AMG it may be, but there’s no arguing with the amount of oomph it provides&nbsp;or how it delivers it through the eight-speed automatic 'box.</p>
<p>It’s even capable, if you’re careful, of 28mpg, although 23mpg is more likely&nbsp;and 7.5mpg is possible on a track. I suppose owners don’t take M5s there that often, although they should, because it’s a great way to find out that BMW’s new super-saloon is unsurpassed in its dynamic abilities.</p>
<p>I’m looking forward to exploring those more&nbsp;as we find many, many more jobs for the M5 to do.</p>
<p><strong>Second opinion</strong></p>
<p>I love this car. I struggled at first to see why a 5 Series needed to be so hardcore but, after 400 miles, I just couldn’t get enough of its near-supercar steering and body control, plus its intoxicating acceleration, given the practical package and effortless delivery. Brilliant!</p>
<p><strong>Steve Cropley</strong></p>
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<h3>BMW M5 prices and specification</h3>
<p><strong>Prices: List price new</strong> &pound;87,940 <strong>List price now</strong> &pound;89,705 <strong>Price as tested</strong> &pound;101,900 <strong>Dealer value now</strong> &pound;91,000 <strong>Private value now</strong> &pound;89,000 <strong>Trade value now</strong> &pound;87,000 (part exchange)</p>
<p><strong>Options:</strong>Premium Package (including soft-close doors, massage seats, ceramic finish for controls) &pound;1995, Comfort Package (including steering wheel heating, seat heating all-round) &pound;1195, M Sports exhaust &pound;1100, carbonfibre engine cover &pound;1025, carbon-ceramic brakes &pound;7495, M seat belts &pound;260, carbonfibre/aluminium-look trim &pound;495, Apple CarPlay &pound;235, online entertainment &pound;160 </p>



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