Porsche Tops Luxury Sales Satisfaction; Genesis Places

14 Mar 2019 06:30

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<p>Buying a car is more than just handing over your hard-earned cash and driving away into the sunset. The car-buying experience today is rarely easy; however, that doesn’t mean dealerships aren’t trying to reduce the hassle. According to J.D. Power and its U.S. Sales Satisfaction Index Study, communication is key between customer and dealership during a car-buying transaction. One key area dealerships can excel? Texting. According to the study, custom satisfaction rises when dealerships text. Thank you, Millennials and your ever-increasing fear of talking to someone on the phone.<span class="Apple-converted-space &nbsp;&lt;/span&gt;&lt;/p&gt; &lt;p&gt;The study, which you can read in its entirety [https://www.jdpower.com/business/press-releases/2018-us-sales-satisfaction-index-ssi-study" target="_self here], studies customers satisfaction when buying a car from a dealership. The study then ranks each brand to see which has the most satisfied car-buying customers. It’s little surprise that luxury automakers excel over mainstream brands thanks to customers spending more money, which allows them more perks and a more comfortable car-buying experience.&lt;span class=" apple-converted-space=""  <="" pan=""></span></p>

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