Mercedes-Benz G-Class G350d 2018 review

01 Apr 2019 06:12

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<p>The G-Class andtarget=&quot;_blank Porsche’s 911 share a common theme: the most accessible model in the range is by far the most authentic. Porsche’s seminal sports car was conceived as a more delicate device than the ludicrously well equipped, fat-wheeled, wide-body spaceships of today and the G-Class originated as a military vehicle. The supercar power and low-profile tyres of the G63 are a fun sideshow but for many prospective owners it simply won’t be a sustainable relationship. After a few miles it’s all too tiring and, frankly, too superficial.</p>
<p>By contrast, the diesel engine in the G350d raises the G-Glass’s game. A relatively frugal but strong and quiet performer, it complements the car’s opulent interior and newfound capability as a cruiser. With the chassis and cabin improvements, it means that for&nbsp;the first time in a&nbsp;40-year existence, the G-Class is something normal people, doing normal things, could happily live with. Just about. And, of course, you still get almost unparalleled off-road ability.</p>
<p>You might still be brave to look past the similarly expensive but more sophisticated, comfortable&nbsp;likes of a Range Rover Autobiography, but no longer would you be stupid. Maybe the G-Wagen's gone soft.</p>
<p><strong>Mercedes-Benz G-Class G350d&nbsp;specification</strong></p>
<p><b>Where</b>&nbsp;Hochgurgl, Austria&nbsp;<b>Price</b> &pound;94,000 (est)&nbsp;<b>On sale </b>January, 2019&nbsp;<b>Engine</b>&nbsp;In-line 6 cyls, 2925cc, turbocharged diesel&nbsp;<b>Power</b>&nbsp;282bhp at 3400-4600rpm <b>Torque</b>&nbsp;443lb ft at 1200-3200rpm <b>Gearbox</b>&nbsp;9-spd auto&nbsp;<b>Kerb weight</b> tbc <b>Top speed</b>&nbsp;124mph <b>0-62mph</b>&nbsp;7.4sec <b>Fuel economy</b>&nbsp;29.4mpg (combined)&nbsp;<b>CO2 253</b>g/km <b>Rivals</b>&nbsp;Range Rover Autobiography SDV8, Bentley Bentagya Diesel</p>
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