Top 10 best family hatchbacks 2019

20 Jun 2019 01:39

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<p>The fourth-generation Mazda 3 could well be the best looking family hatch currently on sale. And, joy of joys, it retains all the qualities that made its predecessor such an appealing contender in this highly competitive class: strong value for money; spry handling; and an atmospheric petrol engine.</p>
<p>Inside, it’s now more competitive against the likes of the Volkswagen Golf, with higher levels of perceived quality than ever before. It has Ford Focus rivalling levels of driver appeal, too, courtesy of its quick, direct steering; precise and tactilely-pleasing manual ‘box; intuitive body control and abundant grip levels. It’s motor doesn’t quite provide enough punch to see it topple the best in class, but a forthcoming compression-ignition petrol engine could well change that.</p>
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<p>It’s third time lucky for the South Korean manufacturer,&nbsp;as this third-generation Ceed&nbsp;is the first of its kind to break into our top five.&nbsp;</p>
<p>The handling and steering have found a greater level of sophistication than ever before, while its cabin offers plenty of room for four adults but still lacks some of the polish of more upmarket contenders such as the Volkswagen Golf. Its diesel engines are smooth and refined and offer impressive economy&nbsp;too.&nbsp;</p>
<p>It is still some way off the position of class leader, but is nonetheless a worthy competitor in an&nbsp;incredibly competitive segment.</p>
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<p>Over the course of&nbsp;ten models, the Honda Civic has gone through a multitude of changes from the mundane to the divisive. This new-generation car is equally as striking as its predecessors, but in a more conventional way, and as a result is better executed than before. </p>



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